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Imagined Your Potential Make It Your Reality

At Self Imagined lie our core values:

self-empowerment, representation, and innovative products.


We emphasize representation for Black and Hispanic communities through our product designs. In doing so, we further our overarching mission: to inspire and empower every individual to become the best version of themselves and to encourage those to achieve their aspirations and goals.


We believe that training yourself to see your unique strengths and talents is essential for achieving success. That's why our kit and app is designed to empower you to pursue your goals and aspirations with confidence and purpose to reach your full potential.


We have uniquely designed the features of the kit and app to incorporate mindset practices, visualization practices, and effective planning techniques, resulting in a perfect easy-to-use tool to set clear goals, stay committed, make progress, and keep yourself accountable.


I founded Self Imagined, driven by my journey of self-improvement as a Black female entrepreneur, with a vision to transform the pursuit of dreams into an empowering journey. Developing a vision board kit and app, pivotal in realizing my own short-term and long-term goals, became my mission. This kit and app, designed to streamline goal-setting, mindfulness, and visualization, are tailored for those with a purpose-driven mindset. It's a tool meant to foster daily intentional actions toward achieving goals, facilitate progress tracking, and empower users to define success on their own terms. I am deeply passionate about aiding others on their journey to becoming their best selves with this innovative tool.

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