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The Ultimate
Vision Board Kit & App 

Imagine your full potential and become your best self 


How It Works

Vision Board

Self Imagined vision board kit

Our vision board kit includes a collection of cards featuring inspirational images, affirmations, quotes, and phrases that have been designed to empower you on your personal growth journey.



Interchange each card within your vision board as you make progress towards your aspirations. Easily visualize goals, refocus energy, and keep yourself committed towards achieving your goals.

Workbook & Planner 

Self Imagined vision board kit

The versatile booklet found in the kit includes workbook exercises and 3-month undated planner. Along with weekly habit trackers and monthly reflection pages. The self-awareness and mindset exercises  help align your vision with life goals.


Additionally, the undated three-month planner lets you track progress on goals, tasks, and daily habits while on your personal growth journey.


Self Imagined app

As part of our commitment to providing the best tools for your personal growth, we've created the Self Imagined app. With the app, you'll receive customized  reminders on your vision board cards to keep yourself accountable towards reaching your goals.

The kit includes cards with numbers that make it easy to upload to the app's digital landscape, streamlining the transition from a physical to a digital vision board.

The Power of Visualization 


Visualization is a powerful technique used to train your mind to create a mental picture of an outcome you want to achieve. Studies have found that the subconscious mind is actively visualizing your thoughts, ideas, and situations into reality.

Creating your dream vision board can be a powerful, meditative process that can increase motivation, improve productivity levels, amplify confidence, and help relieve anxiety. Self Imagined vision board kit and app is an easy, portable way to visualize your goals from anywhere.   

Self Imagined vision board kit
Self Imagined vision board kit
Self Imagined
Self Imagined
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